Diamonds are forever and fine jewellery is meant to be passed from generation to another – as long as any damage is repaired by an expert goldsmith.

Genuine fine jewellery is passed down in the family through generations and grows in value as years go by. However, even the best-quality jewellery is not immune to wear and tear, and minor damage is to be expected particularly in jewellery in every-day use.

Jewellery should always be repaired by expert goldsmiths.

Examples of typical faults we repair are loosened stones and broken clasp mechanisms. If you notice, for instance, that a diamond in your ring moves slightly, bring it to Atelier Torbjörn Tillander for repairs, as otherwise a valuable diamond may come off and easily be lost.

Strands of pearls can also benefit from preventive care. Pearl necklaces should be restrung every few years to avoid the necklace breaking and pearls getting lost after rolling everywhere.

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